LanguagePrices and terms *
standard (3 days and on)urgent (1-2 days)express (1 day)
1Russian 10 BGN 12 BGN16 BGN
2English12 BGN18 BGN 24 BGN
3Ukrainian12 BGN18 BGN 24 BGN
4French 15 BGN23 BGN30 BGN
5German 15 BGN23 BGN30 BGN
6Italian 15 BGN23 BGN30 BGN
7Spanish 15 BGN23 BGN30 BGN
8Croatian20 BGN30 BGN40 BGN
9Czech20 BGN30 BGN40 BGN
10Greek20 BGN30 BGN40 BGN
11Macedonian20 BGN30 BGN40 BGN
12Polish20 BGN30 BGN40 BGN
13Romanian20 BGN30 BGN40 BGN
14Serbian20 BGN30 BGN40 BGN
15Slovak20 BGN30 BGN40 BGN
16Turkish20 BGN30 BGN40 BGN
17Albanian25 BGN 37 BGN50 BGN
18Arabic25 BGN 37 BGN50 BGN
19Armenian25 BGN 37 BGN50 BGN
20Danish25 BGN 37 BGN50 BGN
21Dutch25 BGN 37 BGN50 BGN
22Estonian25 BGN 37 BGN50 BGN
23Hungarian25 BGN 37 BGN50 BGN
24Norwegian25 BGN 37 BGN50 BGN
25Slovenian25 BGN 37 BGN50 BGN
26Swedish25 BGN 37 BGN50 BGN
27Uzbek25 BGN 37 BGN50 BGN
26Chinese 30 BGN45 BGN60 BGN
27Farsi30 BGN45 BGN60 BGN
28Hebrew30 BGN45 BGN60 BGN
29Hindi30 BGN45 BGN60 BGN
30Japanese30 BGN45 BGN60 BGN
31Korean30 BGN45 BGN60 BGN

Document certification and legalization

Type of serviceprices and terms ***
(3 days) ****
(1-2 days)
(1 day)
Translated foreign documents certified by a notary25 BGN35 BGN45 BGN
Legalization of documents issued in Bulgaria from 65 BGNfrom 75 BGNfrom 85 BGN

* Prices are in bulgarian leva, per one page printed text containing 1800 symbols, spaces included.

** Send us a request to get additional information on costs and terms.

*** Price does NOT include additional expences, such as delivery and else.

**** Additional time may be required due to the courier delivery.